First newsletter of the On-Surf Project

O projecto On-Surf, de que a PMM é um parceiro desde a primeira hora, investiga os tratamentos de superfícies metálicas, procurando desenvolver novas tecnologias, processos de tratamento e materiais para a criação de superfícies inovadoras em metais.

Veja aqui a Primeira Newsletter do projecto.


PMM wins its sustainability challenge

PMM promotes a balanced energy consumption, through a policy of energy efficiency maximisation..

However consumption  reduction is not enough, in a world facing sudden environmental changes..

In 2013, PMM committed itself to installing a vast array of photo-voltaic panels. which by the end of 2018 had generated over 600 MWh of renewable energy, thus eliminating over 100 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.



Fakuma Fair participation

With Europe being its largest export market, PMM is a constant presence at the Fakuma Fair, creating new business opportunities, by offering high quality solutions to participating companies.


Canoeing on the Mondego River

In a team-building exercise, on the 23rd of June, we descended the Mondego River in Kayak. PMM’s team had a memorable day, reinforcing its spirit of confidence, determination, and goal achievement.


24th Parachuting festival

Today’s organizations need leaders capable of managing group dynamics and motivating their teams, in order to achieve a positive atmosphere, spurring the organization’s growth.

With that goal in mind, PMM sponsored the 24th Parachuting Festival at Marinha Grande (Praia-Velha), which took place in the first weekend in June.



After the October 2017 fires that fustigated our forest territory, it is imperative to regrow Portugal’s oldest pine forest: with that goal in mind, PMM’s team joined the cause “The pine forest is our flag”, and on the last 25th of March it helped to replant a 30 hectares plot of pine trees in the Marinha Grande area. #sustainability


PMM Excellence 2017

Once again, PMM got recognized by IAPMEI, achieving the Excellence award for the fifth time since 2011. The SME Excellence seal shows PMM’s financial rigor and sustained growth. #excellence


30th Anniversary

Celebrating 30 years of excellence in the tooling manufacturing


Participation at the Plastimagem Fair in Mexico

PMM was an exhibitor at Plastimagem – a leading event in the Latin America plastics scene – , where it showed the quality and innovation it puts into the manufacturing of plastic moulds


Participation at the Fakuma Fair in Friedrichshafen

PMM was present at the Fakuma Fair, held in Friedrichshafen, Germany.


Premises growth

PMM celebrates 25 years of excellence with the opening of its new injection unit, thus reaching 2000 m² of manufacturing surface.

It maintains a statute in line with its economic growth.


New headquarters

Seeking an improvement of the quality service it provides its customers, PMM moved its premises to the Maceira area, thus enabling a large growtho of the organization, both at the human and the structural level.


PMM acquires ECP Machine

A unique differentiating factor, in virtue of being a European exclusive, the ECP (Electrochemical Polishing) equipment was one of PMM’s boldest bets. This is a surface finishing technique for tools, moulds, and any other metal surfaces, providing the removal of thermally affected layers, reducing surface roughness up to 7 times.




PMM started as a Technical Drawing and Project Management Office, providing high-quality moulds for the North American and German industries.