Innovation is the balance between perfection and the effort to achieve it.


Projectos, Moldes, Manufactura, Lda.

PMM is a tooling company specialized in the study, technical development, and manufacture of highly demanding injection molds for plastic, rubber or metal materials.

PMM’s main objective is to study, develop and manufacture high quality tools and molds. To that end, it has been developing a unique set of technical skills, staying at the forefront of the industrial state-of-the-art, investing in new technologies as a means of improving and simplifying the manufacture and development of each mold.

Our major strengths are the excellent quality of our product, achieved through the incorporation of the newest technologies, and the strict fulfilment of our delivery times.



America do Norte


Founding of a technical office for mold design and project management, aimed at providing high quality molds for the German and North-American industries.



The export volume rose above 95%.

Representation in North America and Germany.

First Manufacturing Plant

Construction of its first industrial premises.
Manufacturing of its own molds.


(Technological Center for the Mouldmaking, Special Tooling and Plastic Industries).

New Markets

Exporting towards South America and North Africa.

New Technology

PMM acquires an Electrochemical Polishing (ECP) equipment that is unique in Europe.

New manufacturing plant

The company moves from Marinha Grande to Maceira.

Factory expansion

PMM’s 25th anniversary is celebrated with the inauguration of its new injection unit, thus reaching a 2000 m2 manufacturing surface.
It maintains its economic growth recognition.

Engineering&Tooling from Portugal

PMM joins the Competitiveness Aggregator “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal” as an official founding member.

Quality Certification

Successful implementation of the Quality Norm: ISO9001.

Green Energy

The company covers 70% of its energy needs with on-premises solar generation.

Continuous Investment

5M€ investment in new technologies and HR
5 new 5-axis CNC
Production cell
GOM 3D scanning
Qualified HR
3 Injection machines

30th Anniversary

PMM Celebrates 30 years of excellence in the manufacturing of moulds.



To create tooling for our customers, that optimizes the product’s functionality and the corresponding manufacturing process, while achieving the intended quality and minimizing maintenance costs, throughout the product’s life-cycle.


To be the first choice of customers that value the technology and the added value in tooling design and manufacture.


Absolute quality in product development. Transparency at any stage of the production process. Execution rigor, with an eye on the tooling industry’s best practices,while seeking innovation.


Quality policy

Ever since its inception, PMM has the goal of becoming a reference for the quality of processes and products in the plastic injection tooling industry, providing its customers with products and services that fulfill their needs and surpass their expectations. In order to accomplish and give continuity to this policy, PMM commits to:

  • Adopting and periodically reviewing a set of principles that ensure the highest quality of processes, products, and services.
  • Maintaining a systematic, simple, and effective process of continuous improvement, embedded in all the organization’s activities.
  • Implementing new technologies with the goal of developing and optimizing processes, in order to give rise to an increase in productivity and general output on the part of the company.
  • The development of new competencies among its workers, and the promotion of a general well-being and team-spirit.

Thus, PMM assumes the compromise of fulfilling its customers’ requirements, as well as the Standard (NP EN ISO 9001, and all applicable legal requirements, while continuously improving the efficacy of its Quality System.